Volunteer Opportunity

VKBC Merchandise Tent

Your job is pretty simple: Setup and takedown merchandise tent, tables and displays at the MTB trailhead. Sell VKBC membership and swag such as t-shirts, jerseys, etc and donations.

We use vkbctrails.com to manage our sales (membership, donations,swag,exc.), so to verify sales we check the customers email from their phone or print out.

We also accept cash. If cash is used, a receipt and the Cash Sales Form must be filled out. Please print out the Cash Sales Form listed below.

It’s important that you fill out the Cash Sales Form so to update the product inventory on the website.

An inventory of our products should be done, print out the Product Inventory Form listed below.

At the end of day please photo and email Cash Sales Form and Product Inventory Form to:

Click here to download: product inventory form.pdf

Click here to download: Cash Sales Form.pdf

Choose a date below.

Sat, August 31, 2019

Sun, September 01, 2019