TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 2015 AT 3:54PM
Here in Miami, just a left hand turn before the Miami Seaquarium, there is a special place known to only a portion of the population, historic Virginia Key. After many years of a diverse history, the city of Miami has completed a total restoration of this north-heading land mass. Miles of lush wooded beach and front sandy spots for family recreation are found at the very end of this metropolitan gem. There is also a unique volunteer created sports facility called Virginia Key Bike Trails. Trail designer Bernard, AKA “Frenchy,” and a countless number of volunteers have made this eight-mile beautiful wooded trail. This fun spot has a variety of trails for all skill levels. Open to the public, you have the option to join the Virginia Key Bicycle Club for only $20 a year per individual, or $30 for a family membership. As a member, you are entitled to a number of perks, such as events, family days, and two night rides per month.

Recently completed is the Virginia Key Outdoor Center. Just 200 yards from the entrance to the trails, this sports facility has paddleboards, kayaks, restrooms, two open-air showers, and a bike wash. Inside the main concession area there is a variety of energy drinks, snacks, nutritional enhancing products for the high-energy sports person. Concessionaire Ester Luft plans to have, in the imminent future, mountain bike rentals and beach cruisers. Ms Luft has recognized the need to have spare tire tubes of all varieties, plus any other item to enhance the outdoor adventure. More information can be found at Ride on!