This past weekend was the first of many bike races at the North Point Trails.

For all of those of you out there that are not sure of what a Cyclocross race is let me explain. You get a roadie, give him a bike with slightly fatter tires and you point him/her in the direction of the trails. O yea and then you throw in a couple of obstacles that they need to run up/down or around. You let them do laps until they can barely lift their legs and then whoever is still alive at the end of the day gets a prize.


Silly Roadie trails are for riding!

This race was special as all, everything, 100% of the profits went directly into the trail fund. So next time you see a confused roadie tell them thanks.

Big thanks go out to Dario Perez of Tropical Cyclocross for having his event with us. Thanks goes out all of the sponsors including but not limited to Shutts & Bowen as well as Mack Cycle and Fitness and Aaron from Sidewalk Salads just to name a few. Please visit for more details about the race series.