Grand Opening of a new trail Nov. 9-10

Single membership is $30.00. Family membership is $40.00 (parents and 2 kids under 18).

The trail will stay permanently opened after we sell 100 memberships. If we don’t, the trail will close Sunday PM and we will try again the following weekend until we reach our goal.

This will include lunch compliment of Mack Cycle and Fitness. The day will go as follow: Show up at 10am. Show proof of payment. Between 10 and 11am, all riders will walk the trail to get familiar with it. Safety first. At 11 am OPENING and ride the rest of the day. You can session that trail as much as you want. Last point: that trail is a double black diamond. This means if you do not have the skills of an advanced rider, we will NOT let you ride.

Now, if you are good at taking pics, time laps, videos or droning, we encourage you to bring your equipment and use it, as long as you share your files with the club.

See you all this weekend, bring your friends, family and $. Ride on.