This week we will be awarded a grant.


A few months ago, we submitted an application for a grant thru the Public Space Challenge from the Miami Foundation.
We asked you to go on their website to say a few words about V.K.B.C, the club that has built and maintained the trails and what the trails have brought to you and family in the last few years.
After your 167 positive comments and 344 likes supporting us, we were able to move forward to the first phase of the approval process.
The next phase was to explain in details our project and how we would budget the grant if granted.
The last phase, was a meeting with some very nice guys at the Miami Foundation that wanted to get to know us and hear about our project. They were really impressed by the support behind all the work already done and wanted to know how they could help us keeping it going.
After a 45 minutes meeting we had a very good feeling we were thru and were going to the next phase.
Last week we heard back from the Miami Foundation with our status, we were one of the 21 finalists.
This week we will be awarded a $21 000 grant to keep it going.
We couldn’t have done it without your support, all the volunteers that are there every weekend, everyone that has been financially supporting the club buying memberships, jerseys and of course our grant writer Ana who guided us thru the process. Of course, not to forget the City of Miami for giving us the opportunity to build on their land.
So what are we going to do with all that money you ask ? I’m taking a 6 week vacation. I’ll be posting pictures here.
Please take the time to go to the Miami Foundation links below to see what they are doing for the community. While you’re there post a little thank you, this year The foundation also has a strong support from Target that plays an important role in our communities.
Believe me, a lot will be happening at V.K within the next 12 months! Materials are ready to order, quotes on equipment are already coming in and we proved we know how to build trails.