Hello All!
First, I want to thank all of our fellow mountain bikers and bike shops that have supported our trails and club through membership, donations and participation in our events this year. You all all so appreciated!

With that being said, I am announcing a few things that are coming up within the next 30 days.

First, the National Take Your Kid Mountain Biking Day occurs every October and VKBC will be holding ours on October 1 at the trails. Please reserve that date and bring your families for a ton of fun.

In addition on the same day as the Take Your Kid Mountain Biking Day we will also be holding the clubs annual elections. The board hopes to have maximum participation by holding both events on the same day. As you all know, we have a total of seven board positions available for a paid member to run for. Those positions are President, Vice President, Treasurer and four board seats. We encourage all who want to volunteer their time to the club, trails and members to reach out to me through private message and let me know what positions you are interested in running for. We will place your name on the ballot. As it stands right now the below are the individuals that have notified us of their interest in a seat on the board:

President: Alain Bitton, JuanSe Sanchez
Vice President: Bernard Riviere “Frenchy”
Treasurer: John Voss
Board Positions (4): David Knorr, Nelson Lopez, Nathan Sade, Mark Vega

Just a reminder, this is a non-paying gig but without volunteers we would not have the amazing trails to ride at our leisure.

Ok, so on October 1 what will we be doing? We will be bringing our families for a fun day of food and entertainment and we will also be voting for our next board.

A couple of things to keep in mind. In order to maintain organization, we ask that no memberships be paid on the day of this event. If your membership has not been paid for 2016 and you want to participate in the elections, please be sure to make payment through Paypal no later than September 30th. If you are unable to attend the election, we will be accepting absentee ballots on Thursday and Friday (September 29 & 30). The email should be sent to and must come from the email registered at the time you paid your membership.

Events will be created soon and posted on our Facebook page. We will also follow this post up with an email to the paid members.

We look forward to seeing everyone out at the trails on October 1st.

Thank you,
Jodi Mazzone, President

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