You may have heard of the term 4x or 4cross, but have you actually seen it live? Well today was the first Rad Race, the Miami version of 4x.

Basically a 4x race is comprised of heats, 4 racers line up at the starting line, there is a countdown but you don’t tell that to the racers, the gate drops and you have a 1/4 mile sprint. The winner is the fastest, but just because you are the fastest doesn’t mean you have the most fun. Jumps tight berms and a photo finish are just some of the best parts of the race.

Champagne showers for the top 3 finishers and prizes at the end of the race series.



Next race is scheduled for Sunday November 27th 2011. Bring your bike, a chair so you can catch your breath and a full face helmet!

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