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April 18 2018

SALT Waterfront Restaurant Saturday, April 28!

We've got your whole day covered. Start out at the VK Trails, (maybe take a lap), then join Frost Science Museum Bio Blitz at the trails from 9:00-1:00. A BioBlitz is a period of biological surveying that attempts to record all the living species within an area.

Then right next door from 12:00-6:00 CRAWFISH BOIL!!! with Orenda Miami, a non-profit to inspire and empower disadvantaged youth.

Why go anywhere else? VKBC VKBC

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April 18 2018
Can’t get enough of them good night rides? Head out and join the OTB crew at Oleta River State Park trails this Thursday night.
OTB membership gets you 12 free entrances to the park and discounts at local bike shops. Oleta Trail Blazers something big

frenchie Bernard Riviere
April 15 2018
It will be big something big something big

frenchie Bernard Riviere
April 15 2018
Go on google earth. New imagery is on. You see the devastation from Irma

frenchie Bernard Riviere
April 14 2018
Something big is coming. Come help tomorrow something big

frenchie Bernard Riviere
April 13 2018
Guess what? We've got wood got wood

David Knorr David Knorr
April 12 2018
There it is! The Highway To Hell!!! Highway to Hell

frenchie Bernard Riviere
April 8 2018
It going faster than I thought. With a little more volunteers, we may open this trail the end of June. Half a mile of Black trail. Thanks to Luis for volunteering for the first time today. Nelson Jerri Man Peter Doc Jose Garry were there too. The pics are fine but they don't do the trail justice. Ridding it will be a different experience. Black trail Black trail Black trail

frenchie Bernard Riviere
March 31 at 2018
Who cut a big branch with a chainsaw of the dead tree on Sandman? STOP. If the tree moves, the new bridge will be destroyed. Plus, no weekdays work if I'm not there. You want to work? come Saturday Sunday at 10am.

frenchie Bernard Riviere is with Brent Irish.
April 7 2018
First pic: Michael Greg Man Ralf Brent Vince. All NEW CREW. Where is the old crew? You know who you are. Tell me please. We still get it done. H2H (down) is going to be amazing Black trail Black trail

frenchie Bernard Riviere
April 1 2018
This is not for everybody. But if you can do it, it will be sweet. And that's an easy feature. It goes harder from there. Done on Easter Sunday just 4 you. 5 volunteers who were slaving while you were enjoying Bunnies and eggs. Happy Easter. Thanks to Man, Enrique, Bavie and Michael Black trail Black trail