mark vega Mark Vega
September 1 at 9 AM
Thanks to Adam Kwiatkowski, we had a successful day installing roof vents.

john voss John Voss was live.
September 2 at 9 AM

john voss John Voss was live.
September 2 at 10 AM

mark vega Mark Vega
August 31 at 3:24 AM
David and I did some trail maintenance in Bad To The Bone just before our members only nite ride.

michael levin Michael Levin
Yesterday at 11:11 AM
Unbelievable, in 3 weeks they're going back to collecting tolls at the booth. Let's assess this, I'm going to just take a wild guess and assume it took about $50,000 to implement the toll-by-plate.
I think that's been less than 2 years.
Now, we will be waiting in line to get in so that the county can pay another $50,000 a year employee.
cash only park fee

rick mazzilli Rick Mazzilli
May 22 2018 at 10:57pm
Skunk Hunters of the night!
Rain in reverse at night, Wall was sessioned! Amazing ride with Strong and crew.
Trail was 100%
In AMAZING shape! WoW.
Join the fun, Join the club.
vkbc vkbc

Esther Alonso Esther Alonso-Luft
May 12 at 5:51pm
Please join me in extending condolences to Bernard Riviere (Frenchy) and his family. As some of you may know his brother unexpectedly passed away in France. I've started a GoFundMe campaign to help with funeral expenses, namely travel costs. At $3,000 a tickets and no bereavement fares available any longer it is a hardship none of us should face alone.
Please show your condolences, your regard for Frenchy, by donating to this fund. All proceeds, 100% (less the services fees) will go to Frenchy.
Thank you.

mark vega Mark Vega
May 13 at 8:16pm
We got alot done today but it's not complete, we'll be back at it May 19 @ 8am to 2pm. If you have any 1.5" + steel angle or bed frames laying around please donate. We need help lifting heavy objects and grinding.
Special thanks to Hector DeLeon and Adam Kwiatkowski for bringing their equipment in this weather.
Donage Materials
vkbc vkbc vkbc vkbc

bernard riviere Bernard Riviere
May 13 at 6:04pm
Thank you all for your kind words. But I had to keep my mind busy today, so I went to VK with 8 others and see what's new. Great welding. Great progress. See for yourself. There is only one club like VKBC vkbc vkbc

rick mazzilli Rick Mazzilli
May 7 at 10:47pm
The night crew.
Danger Dawgs Skunk Patrol...
Check our Calendar for our next nite ride.

mark vega Mark Vega
May 6 at 9:21pm
Highway to Hell new extension is moving fast, we need a welder to weld L brackets on to a 3 foot pipe so that we could build a skinny. If you don’t have a generator we will provide one. Please we need your help.
Contact Us vkbc vkbc

amaury cedeno Amaury Cedeno
May 5 2018 at 8:29pm
New Purple Haze wall exit. Mark, you are a beast! vkbc vkbc

david knorr David Knorr
May 6 2018 at 2:12pm
Some Bike Tech Guys helping today! Thank you!

mark vega Mark Vega
April 30 at 10:30pm
The Wall 2.0 @ Purple Haze is amazing, be careful we had some dumbasses trying to climb the drop before the wall in reverse.
Purple Haze is riding great but there are some areas that need maintenance. We could use your help this weekend, please volunteer.
Mother's Day is coming up so if you plan on shopping on Amazon please use, Amazon will donate 0.5% to our club.
If you need help setting up Amazon Smile use link below.
How to use Amazon Smile

bernard riviere Bernard Riviere
April 30 at 3:32pm
Great building weekend at VK.

mark vega Mark Vega
April 29 at 5:15pm
Purple Haze got some love this weekend.
vkbc vkbc

bernard riviere Bernard Riviere
April 29 at 10:20am
The wall is open

mark vega Mark Vega
April 28 at 9:51pm
Purple Haze got some love this weekend. vkbc Wow looks nice. vkbc

jerri halgowich Jerri Halgowich
April 28 2018 at 12:36pm
VKBC representing at the Crawfish Boil over at the Historic Virginia Key Beach. Get a ride in then ride over! Give a small donation to a good cause and have some crawfish and beer! Visit for details on the boil.

killero reyes Killero Reyes
April 27 2018 at 11:27pm
great trail in virginia key mtb trail πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸš΅β€β™€οΈ

david knorr David Knorr
April 21 2018 at 2:36pm
Big Maintenance Day Today without planning! Thanks to All. Join up $20 get your card and it pays for itself at bike shop discounts and so much more... vkbc

bernard riviere Bernard Riviere
April 19 at 10:35pm
This weekend trail maintenance. No building. We are cutting all dead wood across from containers. It will be clearly marked. Then we paint the wall (PH) and the new dead tree bridge (H2H). Some peeps with chainsaws and some with gloves to help.

bernard riviere Bernard Riviere
April 19 at 6:08pm
We are looking for someone that can dig 4 holes, 4' deep and 18" wide asap. Pm me or message me on Facebook

nelson lopez Nelson Lopez
April 19 at 6:08pm
Membership Cards are Here...
Stop by to get yours this weekend!!!
Hey now as you might have noticed we are making improvements to twin peaks and other areas of the park. We have a lot of projects that we would like to do but need your help by joining OTB for $25 or donating funds. Please go to and support Oleta mountain bike trails. Thank you

bernard riviere Bernard Riviere
April 15 2018
It will be big

bernard riviere Bernard Riviere
April 15 2018
Go on google earth. New imagery is on. You see the devastation from Irma

bernard riviere Bernard Riviere
April 14 2018
Something big is coming. Come help tomorrow

bernard riviere Bernard Riviere
April 13 2018
Guess what? We've got wood

david knorr David Knorr
April 12 2018
There it is! The Highway To Hell!!!

bernard riviere Bernard Riviere
April 8 2018
It going faster than I thought. With a little more volunteers, we may open this trail the end of June. Half a mile of Black trail. Thanks to Luis for volunteering for the first time today. Nelson Jerri Man Peter Doc Jose Garry were there too. The pics are fine but they don't do the trail justice. Ridding it will be a different experience.

bernard riviere Bernard Riviere
March 31 at 2018
Who cut a big branch with a chainsaw of the dead tree on Sandman? STOP. If the tree moves, the new bridge will be destroyed. Plus, no weekdays work if I'm not there. You want to work? come Saturday Sunday at 10am.

bernard riviere Bernard Riviere is with Brent Irish.
April 7 2018
First pic: Michael Greg Man Ralf Brent Vince. All NEW CREW. Where is the old crew? You know who you are. Tell me please. We still get it done. H2H (down) is going to be amazing

bernard riviere Bernard Riviere
April 1 2018
This is not for everybody. But if you can do it, it will be sweet. And that's an easy feature. It goes harder from there. Done on Easter Sunday just 4 you. 5 volunteers who were slaving while you were enjoying Bunnies and eggs. Happy Easter. Thanks to Man, Enrique, Bavie and Michael